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Simulation Game Palm Oil

The small kernels of the oil palm with its brown and reddish fruit pulp are in the center of attention of the new simulation game that the Science Shop Bonn develops in cooperation with the company Innowego – Forum Bildung & Nachhaltigkeit eG. It is set up as a role play in which vocational students play the part of customers, salesmen, and purchasing agents. The central question for discussion is: Which actions should be taken to create a fair and sustainable trade with products containing palm oil?

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Soufflearning – Learning face-to-face

Bonn Science Shop and netz NRW e.V. have developed a concept for the specific needs and demands of small and very small enterprises (SME) which is capable of being flexibly adapted to everyday operations and work flow and responds directly to the individual needs and demands of the staff in the business. Soufflearning provides support and assistance as the acquired know-how is implemented.

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Continuing educational program: Seeing the World through the Eyes of a Child

Children are of curious nature. They want to understand the world, for example why people can have different skin colors. In an educational program lasting for three days, educators have the chance to learn new ways in how to support global learning for children.

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Nature into gray zones

Bringing nature into gray zones - this is the motto for a campaign for unsealing and close to nature greening of urban industrial areas which started in April 2013 and is led by the Bonn Science Shop.

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PERARES: Dialogue Citizens - Sciences

How can citizens and their concerns gain access to the sciences? Our project PERARES has received funding from the EU commission for four years. 25 representatives from science shops, research facilities and civic groups from 17 countries get together for debates and discussions.

Project description

Outcomes and reports (PDF)

International Garden

20 families from 15 countries have literally „put down their roots in a new country“ in the International Garden Bonn. While everyone has been tilling their own field since 2007 they still share experiences.

Environmental Theater Group UNWRAPPED

How can we acquaint children, teenagers and adults with environmental problems without making them feeling lectured? With theater! Since 1990 Wissenschaftsladen Bonn e.V. has its own professional drama group, the environmental theater UNWRAPPED.

Online-Financial Consultant: Monetary Resources for Sustainability

The objective of this advisory is to inform agenda-groups, NGOs and municipalities about the funding opportunities that are available on a local, national or EU-level.

Leuchtpol – See Energy and Environment in a Different Light

“Leuchtpol - Energie und Umwelt neu erleben!“ with its focus on sustainable development is the largest educational project in the German pre-school system. North Rhine Westphalia’s regional Leuchtpol office is located at Wissenschaftsladen Bonn, which fleshes out the concept for local institutions while also supporting educators on site.  

Simulation Game “Environmental Policy”

Students take on the roles of international delegates and decide on climate change as well as global water consumption. As local politicians, business people or environmentalists they discuss land management in Germany, resource conflicts in the woods or the construction of wind energy plants.