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“Crime-scene-forest – change of perspectives through simulations”

Essence of the project draft is the development and execution of half-day simulations, with which youths slip into the roles of different interest groups preparing fictional citizen meetings to negotiate compromises. The goal of the project is to make young people in a playful way familiar with the conflicts of interest in the use of forest resources. The award will raise social awareness of the nature and motivate especially young people for a conservation commitment. Science Shop Bonn wins the first German Nature Protection Award with this submitted project.

Region in Balance

The greater their fields, the better the income opportunities for farmers in the district of Borken. The more diversified and generous the parkland, the more attractive the tourists find the region - and many people in the districtare living from tourism. What sounds so spectacular, is a real problem for planners and politicians in the district of Borken and in the town halls of the county's communities: Who should use the land in the region to what extent and in what way?

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