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Soufflearning – Learning face-to-face

Bonn Science Shop and netz NRW e.V. have developed a concept for the specific needs and demands of small and very small enterprises (SME) which is capable of being flexibly adapted to everyday operations and work flow and responds directly to the individual needs and demands of the staff in the business. Soufflearning provides support and assistance as the acquired know-how is implemented.

As it increases staffs’ disposition to engage in further training and motivates to take an active part in the shaping of further training within the enterprise it contributes to the efficiency and expertise of the company. The participation of SMEs in advanced training and qualification is below average. One of the reasons is that a SME usually can’t afford to send the few staff they have to external seminars. Additionally training institutes usually offer trainings which are literally a bit far away from the real every day business. Therefore a training concept for SMEs besides considering the company’s requests has to be tailored to the necessities of the staff that needs to be trained. By Soufflearning the trainers or coaches will come into the company or organisation and they will assist them in developing a custom tailored training concept. Based on some experiences in Germany this transfer project is going to initiate cooperative networks of vocational training institutes, trainers and SMEs.


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