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Guiding principles

Mission statement: to educate - to know - to act

Background of all projects and events of WILA Bonn is the aim of enabling people to use their knowledge for a socially acceptable change of their natural and social environment. But only those can act who have understood the societal challenges and their options for action. Therefore the education of people is a major concern of WILA Bonn, so that they acquire knowledge and are empowered to act. This addresses citizens to make them act socially competent, but also scientists, who we want to motivate to consciously take up the issues of civil society.

We work ...


Since the foundation of Bonn Science Shop, the role of civil society has become ever more important. More than in former days it is a question of citizens and community groups being able to get involved in an informed and competent manner and that - when public decisions on projects and developments are to be made - there should be a mediation of interests between civil society and public decision makers. The inclusion of Bonn Science Shop and also of public policy makers in such processes guarantees that citizens‘ interests are taken into account in a competent and targeted manner.

Bonn Science Shop and its staff have a social, an ethical approach. We are value-driven. At the same time we are independent of any individual interests and party-political perspectives and thus develop concepts to show the way to sustainable action.

in a transdisciplinary manner

We can only do our work successfully if we cooperate with scientists of various disciplines - within the Science Shop and beyond.

As important to us as inter-disciplinary cooperation with scientists is our transdisciplinary work, i.e. the inclusion of those without whose actions the challenges of society could not be met: the people who in their locality or in their profession make sure that the energy revolution is making progress, that land consumption is reduced, that children turn into discoverers and scientists are confronted with citizens‘ requests and needs.

with an innovative approach

When renewable energy boomed at the beginning of the millennium, it was already foreseeable, beyond the enthusiasm: finding the experts will turn into a bottleneck which can slow down the phasing out from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy. A typical subject for Bonn Science Shop: how to bring companies, Higher Education Institutes and the potential workforce together, close information gaps, or motivate the young to become the workforce of tomorrow and part of the energy revolution?

Land consumption - largely unnoticed by the public - threatens biodiversity. Who are the actors? How can municipalities, district administrations, farmers, tourism or even environmental campaigners be induced to jointly and systematically approach and discuss the usage of their land areas?